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Sales & Marketing: Ticket Sales
Corporate Marketing Manager - Outside Sales - Oklahoma City Dodgers (Oklahoma City, OK)

You probably want to be the president of a team someday. That's good; you're in the right spot. If you don't, you shouldn't waste your time reading the rest of this job description.

We figure that you don't have the skill set to be a president right now. However, if president is your target, you need to answer 'yes' to each one of these three questions:
1. Do I have a strong work ethic?
2. Do I have a powerful desire to learn?
3. Will I get the in-depth training on my next job that would allow me to make a positive step to my career target?

If you say 'yes' to the first two questions, you're on the right track. However, to get a 'yes' on the third question, you are going to have to do some homework. Talk to teams about the real training that they give. Tossing you the Yellow Pages doesn't count as training. We feel that to become a president with teams, you need to first know what we know: It all starts with tickets. Tickets are the lifeblood of sports. Once you learn tickets—truly learn how to sell and market tickets—then it’s on to sponsorships. Learn both, and you’ve got the right ticket to run teams.

We start our people on our lifeblood—remember, that’s tickets. No Yellow Pages tossing for us. Our philosophy is train, train, train, and when we get tired of that, we train some more. Our goal is to accelerate your growth as fast as you will allow us to. You see, we want you to get better quicker for what you can contribute here in Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma City Dodgers are the Triple-A Pacific Coast League Affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. We play in the beautiful Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark located in downtown Oklahoma City. It’s a great team in a fantastic city!

We prefer to populate management positions with people that have learned our ticket marketing methods. If you come to work for the Dodgers in tickets and do well, you’ll have a chance to grow within our organization, much faster than you would anywhere else. Do well and you could be managing your own staff within a few years.

Tickets, remember, its tickets. You’d be a full-time salesperson making face-to-face sales calls to corporate executives. The position will be selling corporate ticket packages including season tickets, suites, ticket plans and group tickets. We don’t expect that you’ll know how to sell our different ticket packages, so we provide extensive training. We’ll teach you how to make an appointment with the decision maker and how to help select the best ticket package for that company.

Did you answer yes to the first two questions above? If you do, we can answer the third question for you. Yes, you will get unsurpassed training that will be giant steps in reaching your career goal. Answered yes to all three, you qualify. Now you have to take action; you have to apply.

You’ll make a base salary plus commission. Total compensation will range from $28,000-$35,000/year depending on sales volume. Includes full health benefits. We would like for you to make at least 50% more in your second year with us and another 50% in your third year.

Yesterday. We need potential team presidents now. If you’re ready to take that first giant step to becoming a president right now, however, apply online today.

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. Yes/No: Do you have previous sales experience? If yes, explain.

2. Yes/No: Do you have previous face-to-face sales experience? If yes, explain.

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Sales & Marketing: Game Operations/Presentation
Game Day Entertainment Staff - Oklahoma City Dodgers (Oklahoma City, OK)

On-field Entertainment Staff:

Entertainment staff members facilitate all in-game entertainment skits, and entertain fans during home game and special events at Bricktown Ballpark.

-Game responsibilities include: in-game entertainment, escorting mascot, communicating and assisting with in-game host and mascots, prepping for gameday, assisting fans as needed

-Selecting and preparing contestants for skits and welcoming fans as they enter the park

-Interacting with and energizing RedHawks fans at all home games and outside events

-Increasing interest and excitement of the RedHawks through branding activities

-Assisting in keeping all equipment organized, in good condition, and stored appropriately after each game

-Creating a fun, family friendly environment

-Other duties as assigned

Emcee Host

Auditions will also be held for Host positions. The host will emcee entertainment shows that take place during every inning break of every home game. Host is responsible for introducing skits, contests, and contestants--and providing witty commentary.


Those who wish to tryout can also audition for Mascot positions. As the central part of nearly every skit, mascots are among the most visible entertainers at the park. In addition to dancing and performing skits during games, the mascots will do visits around the stadium, constantly interacting with the fans. The mascots will also make appearances outsides of RedHawks games.


-Must be 16 years or older

-Must be confident and enthusiastic while performing in front of large crowds

-Must be reliable, responsible, and mature

-Strong communication skills and outgoing personality to interact with fans of all ages

-Ability to work nights, weekends and holidays

Primary tryouts will be held December 6th at 10:00am at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.


Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. Do you live in the Oklahoma City area?

2. Do you have experience performing in front of and entertaining large crowds?

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Internships: Any Internship
Intern-Game Entertainment - Oklahoma City Dodgers (Oklahoma City, OK)

Intern, Entertainment – Oklahoma City RedHawks

The entertainment intern will assist the Director of Entertainment with all gameday aspects (booking Color Guards, soundchecking, National Anthem performers, escorting First Pitch guests, etc.) The intern will be responsible in assisting all on-field promotions during both pre-game and in-game. This position will also assist the production/control room as needed.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

-Work closely with Director of Entertainment on planning and execution of live gameday presentation for all home games

-Assist in coordinating National Anthems, Color Guards, and other pre-game, in-game, and post-game entertainment

-Assist with live features, crowd prompts, music and camera shots

-Work with Sponsorship department on creation and execution of activations

-Responsible for filling out entertainment ticket requests

-Problem solve

-Take part in creative meetings to be held throughout the season

-Set up All Star room each night with each games props and prizes

-Print and deliver game logs for each night

-Archive National Anthem demos


-Must be 18 years or older

-Must be reliable, responsible and mature

-Strong communication skills and outgoing personality to interact with fans of all ages

-Ability to work nights, weekends and holidays

-Competent knowledge of baseball and the RedHawks organization

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. Do you live in the Oklahoma City area?

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Apply for Future Notification Only: Future Notification
Notification of Jobs in the Future - Mandalay Baseball Properties (Various Locations, US)

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